Developer Plans New Road


The developer, Richard Whitney, met with Superstition Hills United on Nov 30th and informed us that the town of PV is requiring a secondary emergency road out of the old NCU complex. Mr. Whitney is in the process of getting the civil engineering done to accomplish this.

This will also include a new city street that will run from Mendocino which is at the eastern end of Florentine Rd. to Sheridan Ln. This is on State land and he is in process of getting an easement from the State and doing traffic study reports for Superstition Dr. and Sheridan Ln.

The Developer informed us at the meeting that he is trying to accommodate  our traffic concerns. He further said he would encourage all residents living at the future gated North Central Arizona Senior Senior Living Community to make use of the new road.

See the Road Map RoadMap.pdf.


1. Mr Whitney has informed us that he will be building a fence along the eastern side of the new road. That will prohibit cattle and pronghorn from grazing on all the open state land on the other side of the fence.

2. After a few times exiting his gated community when driving towards Florentine or Valley roads, which are commercial/semi industrial, most people will want to avoid the commercial district. This area is littered with discarded furniture and other trash. People will eventually choose to exit on Superstition Dr. only.

3. You will notice both Exit roads in and out of the old NCU complex are very close together. After meeting with Fire Marshall Darrell Tirpak, he informed us that there are no regulations requiring them to be set apart. This brings to mind the Viewpoint fire of 5/11/18. A windswept grass fire that burned the entire western edge of the Viewpoint subdivision back to Poquito Valley. This closed Viewpoint Drive north of Highway 89A that day. Both these areas have similar terrain and vegetation.

4.  Once that new city street is in development will soon follow. All that open property along the southern edge of Superstition Dr. is State land, which the State will eagerly sell to a developer. All construction traffic will be required to use the new road coming in from Mendocino as per Richard Whitney.

5.  The developer, Richard Whitney, was originally looking for a second fire road out the Eastern back side of the complex to meet with an existing gravel road which runs to the waste treatment plant. Coming up from the gravel road to the NCU property is very steep terrain and must accommodate an 80,000 pound fire truck.That would be prohibitively expensive to build. Whitney said that road would be a deal breaker.

6. At this time Superstition Hills United wants to give a shout out to Mayor Palguta for suggesting the alternative route coming across State land from Mendocino Dr. Why is he involved in this? This has not been presented to the town yet. Superstition Hills United has not been the recipient of any benevolence from the Mayor.

Read the NO to NCU Rezoning letter to PV town Council. It is a history of the NCU property then and now. It offers a lot of insight of what has been happening with this property.

No to NCU Rezoning.pdf

Take a look at this document getting into Senior facility availability in the Prescott area done June 2023:

Senior Facilities.pdf