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Opening And Coming Soon To Our Neighborhood!

3-4 Years Of Construction!

Heavy Equipment Sun-up To Sunset!

Construction on Sundays?

On March 28, 2024 the Town Council approved the final development plan for North Central Arizona Senior Living Community/the NCU redevelopment plan by a 5-2 margin.

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The North Central Arizona Senior Living Community will have two 82,000 sq ft four story apartment buildings, 94 Single family homes and a commercial restaurant.

Road map of development: RoadMap.pdf.

The citizens of Prescott Valley have a voice.


There are 4 seats up for re-election on July 30th, 2024. Brenda Dickinson, Lori Hunt, are running for re-election. Lucy Leyva and April Hepperle have decided not to run.

If you want to get their attention and change things you can vote them out of office.

These people don’t seem to be concerned with what their constituents care about. These people don’t listen or care about what we say. They do NOT deserve your vote!

Let your concerns be known at the ballot box on Tuesday, July 30th.

Listed below are 4 good candidates running for Town Council. All 4 are for slowing the explosive growth in Prescott Valley. They are independent thinkers.

We support these City Council  candidates


Click on the names below for more information:

Janell Kiehl

Bill Williams

Matt Zurcher

Kenneth Freund.pdf

Ken’s Facebook page. 

Candidate Forums:

June 18, 2024 at The Event Spot, 6520 First St. (Frontage Rd.)

7AM - 9AM

Sponsored by the PV Chamber Of Commerce


June 21, 2024 at the StoneRidge Community Center

4PM - 6PM

These will not be debate forums.

The candidates will talk about their records and future vision for the town.

Superstition Hills United plans on being there with a table outside distributing literature about the 4 candidates we are endorsing.

Something to think about:

Prescott Valley doubled in population (US Census) in 2000 from 24,461 people to in 2022 to 49,075.

We are getting 21% less rain/snow, 15.67” annually, vs 19.89” prior annual average.

In the future the town is planning to inject treated sewage water into the aquifers to make up for the lack of moisture. This increased water storage will be sold as water credits to developers for future building.

We need volunteers to pass out flyers in your neighborhood in June and July before the election promoting the above 4 candidates. If you are interested in purchasing a save our PV yard sign like in the picture above to put in your yard contact us at the email address below:

Contact us:

We thank PV Citizen’s Alliance for their help and support!


From the mindless explosive growth and the clogged State Route 69, this present Town Council has approved everything that has come before them.