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New road planned by developer...   (Link)

Thank You to PV Citizens Alliance for your support! 

We support City Council  candidates Janell Kiehl, Bill Williams card.pdf,  Matt Zurcher and Kenneth Freund.

They want to tap the brakes on the explosive growth in Prescott Valley.

Sign a nominating petition for Janell or Bill here.

Matt Zurcher petition is here.

Kenneth Freund petition is here.

Zoning being applied for: PV RS Zoning code.pdf


Opening And Coming Soon To Our Neighborhood!

3-4 Years Of Construction!

Heavy Equipment Sun-up To Sunset!

Construction on Sundays?

2 - 82,000 sq ft. 4 story apartment buildings.

Former town council member Laura Lee Nye said on February 2, 2011, “We gave our word to that neighborhood when put that restrictive zoning in” with regards to rezoning of the school property. (Prescott Daily Courier 2/3/11)

Planning & Zoning approved the zoning change for the new development on 2/12/24. The next step in this will be the Town Council voting on this shortly.

We will post the date and location here.

Superstition Hills United can find no history of the developer’s experience in the assisted living and restaurant business.

The new planned road from Mendocino, which is a semi-industrial/commercial part of Prescott Valley, will open up Superstition Dr., and Sheridan Ln., which is a narrow winding road with no sidewalks. This will be a shortcut for commercial traffic going back and forth to Fain Rd.

The developer has stated that his North Central Arizona Senior Living Community will be competitive price-wise with Touchmark in Prescott. Touchmark starts at $5,800.00 a month. Developer is still fine tuning his prices.

Is this development beneficial to our town?
Who in Superstition Hills/Prescott Valley can afford this?

The need in this area is for low income Senior care. There are only 2 places-Viewpoint Senior Community in Prescott Valley, and Bradshaw Senior II Apartments.

They have a 4-6 year waiting list!
This is where the need is!