The Proposal From The Developer




The prospective new owners of the 3 story office building located at 10000 University Drive plan to apply for a zoning map change for the former Northcentral University headquarters building and the 50 acre parcel it sits on. The property is currently zoned PUBLIC LAND – PLANNED AREA DEVELOPMENT (PL PAD) and a zoning code change to RS (Residential; Single Family Mixed Housing) with a PAD overlay is being sought.  Note that PL PAD is described in the Town code as: 

13-19a-010 Purpose. Public lands, or those lands held in ownership of public or quasi-public agencies, constitute a large sector of the Town of Prescott Valley and are therefore set aside in a PL (Public Lands) District reflecting the present and future land uses of this public land. This designation separates these uses from the customary urban uses and is reflected on the official Zoning Map. The district is intended to provide areas within the community for location of parks, public open space, governmental buildings and facilities, schools and school grounds, quasi-public buildings and facilities, towers, antennae and wireless telecommunications facilities, and related uses for the enjoyment and use of present and future generations.


The purpose of the RS (Residential and Services) District is to provide for orderly and compatible development in transitional areas between residential and non-residential districts and to establish and preserve areas for those commercial facilities which are especially useful in close proximity to residential areas, while minimizing the undesirable impact of such uses on the neighborhoods which they service.

The proposed Development Plan calls for up to 2-four story buildings with 68 apartments per building and an additional 94 single family homes with garages all over the property.  Future plans call for the build-out of the entire 50 acre parcel.  The proposed development would be a Senior Living rental community for both assisted and independent living.

This 50 acre parcel located along University Dr. parallels Superstition Dr. on the eastern end.  The proposed development plan would negatively impact the existing residents of the Superstition Hills, Unit 20, neighborhood and surrounding communities.  In addition, the 2035 General Plan states, “As development occurs, Superstition Drive will extend from La Jolla Drive and ultimately connect with Fain Road.”  This would regrettably open up the entire area to further development.

The History

In 2004, the Town of Prescott Valley secured a special zoning code for a 50 acre parcel in order to construct an office building in a residential area.  The Town promised residents that a band shell would be included in the design so that the community could enjoy outdoor concerts there.  The result was a three-story, 52,320 square foot office building located at 10000 E University Drive on 49 acres. Northcentral University established its headquarters there in 2007.  The promised band shell never materialized.

In 2011, the owners, 10,000 University NCU LLC, sought to have the property rezoned in order to qualify for a loan against the building.  The rezoning attempt failed after intense neighborhood opposition.  At that time residents were reassured by then Mayor Harvey Skoog and then council member Lora Lee Nye that the Town would honor its 2004 promise to residents that they wouldn't change the special zoning attributed to that site.

On February 3, 2011 an article in the Daily Courier quotes Lora Lee Nye said that she would not support the 2011 rezoning request “We gave our word to the neighborhood when we put that restrictive zoning in”.

On December 31, 2016, NCU closed the headquarters and transferred their operations to California.  The 3-story building has remained vacant since 2016.


The owner, 10,000 University NCU LLC, has entered into a sales contract with MJC Investment Property V LLC. The sale is currently in escrow. A meeting with the community was arranged for April 25, 2023 and another was held on June 6, 2023 by a representative of MJC Investment Property V, LLC. Approximately 150 residents showed up at the first meeting space that was set up to accommodate 30 people. Over 225 people showed up for the June 6th meeting.

Superstition Hills United, a local citizens’ group, has organized to raise awareness of their concerns over increased congestion, safety issues and lack of services.  Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance (PVCA) supports the efforts of Superstition Hills United to oppose the (Public Land) zoning change request.

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Below is a plan of the site in full buildout. This is what they are wanting to do first. This plan has grown a lot from the original :


The former Northcentral University building.